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You Can Start a "Green" Business - Reconditioning Batteries

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lead acid battery

Reconditioning batteries is not a new profession. Is it worth it ? It has been around for a reasonable amount of time in the “lead acid” (auto and marine batteries) business. In it’s infancy lead acid batteries were
relatively cheap and our concern for the environment was not as predominate as it is today. So when your dad or grandfather had a dead car or tractor battery, they just threw the old one away and got a new one. Good for pops, not so good for mother nature.

These days all that has changed, there are all types of batteries in today’s world, Lithium Ion (rechargeable mostly in high end electronics), Nickel Cadmium (rechargeable used in cordless tools , etc.), Nickel Metal Hydride (long life battery used in hearing aids and detectors etc.), as well as Lead Acid.

One business that could benefit immediately from this type of knowledge is the renewables industry, and here is why.

If you have a battery bank for solar, wind, or magnetic energy generator, you can acquire used batteries (deep cycle) like golf cart batteries (car batteries won’t work for long in a solar or wind bank) for your system except you really don’t know that battery’s “rate of charge” (or how many charging cycles that battery has been through, 2 or 22) when you size a battery bank for load you need to know this information. The rest is pretty technical so I won’t bore you with the details, but if you could recondition those used batteries back to their original state now you have good batteries for your battery back up.

With new 6 and 12 volt deep cycle batteries going for $300 up to $1500 EACH, that is some significant savings.

You can get the complete Battery Reconditioning Report by Clicking Here!

Now, armed with that knowledge, can you see where reconditioning batteries could be a great periferal business to the popular renewables industry?, not to mention all the other things that need to run on batteries!

And on top of all that, think of all the Lithium and other rare earth metals we could save from being mined just by reconditioning the batteries we already have !!!

Ok so back to the question “Is it Worth It”? – Absolutely!
Overall the greatest savings will be to the environment. The thousands of batteries that end up in our landfills and overseas as ewaste could be reconditioned and used over and over. If only one person started a business doing this it could save literally hundreds of batteries from being dumped.

Peace and Prosperity,

Rich @ NY Homesteader


Go Green !!, Help the Planet and make money doing it !!

I just found a great guide online to learn how to do exactly that, recondition old batteries. It is definitely worth the time and money to aquire a skill like this. I believe it will be the way of the future.
If you would like more info on this lucrative and very “green” business just click on the pic!

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