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US Navy Soars into $100M Solar Energy Future.

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This is a good sign. We as a nation need more investment by the government and military into renewable energy sources. If solar arrays started showing up on all types of government buildings and military installations, I think that would without a doubt, increase consumer/investor confidence, which would in turn increase private investments into “utility grade” solar and other renewable sources. Why we have not set a Renewable Energy Standard in the US with Feed in Tariff Provisions is confusing to me and many other citizens. Maybe if this trend continues there may be hope yet !

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Written by Tina Casey

U.S. Navy Soars into Solar Energy Future to the Tune of $100 Million – The U.S. Navy is getting serious about solar energy and has just awarded five contracts worth up to $100 million for the design, installation and management of solar arrays at Navy and Marine Corps facilities in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. This is by no means the first foray into solar power for the Navy, which was installing solar arrays at least as far back as 2002 and recently installed a solar roof at Pearl Harbor, but it does indicate a significant ramping up in terms of pace and scale.

With our military adopting safe, renewable solar power hand over fist, it will be that much harder on the fossil fuel industry to get the American public to continue accepting coal, oil, and gas resources that are proving to be more dangerous and unreliable than the U.S. can tolerate. The latest disasters – a new oil spill in coastal Louisiana and an oil spill in Michigan that could be among the worst ever for the Midwest – are just further proof that it’s time to let go of the past and embrace the future.

More Solar Power for the U.S. Navy

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