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"Time" in the Garden

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Hi Everyone,
This was a post I wrote last April but, now is a great time to start thinking of your garden plan and when to start your plants! I hope you enjoy it, and we would like to invite you to leave some comments and sign up for our updates Thanks Again, Rich @ NY Homesteader

Just a short post on time frame for vegetable planting. In our area,(NW Sullivan County,Catskills,NY) it is becoming time to think about some warm weather crops.
Our average date of last frost is about May 15-31, the old adage is

don’t plant your warm weather crops until after Memorial Day, and it stands pretty accurate for our area. So don’t race to the garden with your tender plants just yet
If your working in raised beds and your soil has warmed up you could probably get away with putting some seeds (some tender plants) in the ground within the next week or so, although if a frost is forecast I would recommend covering them. By the time they germinate most danger of a hard frost should be past (don’t forget in 2001 we got 8 inches of snow on May 8th, so be careful!!)Things that are very tender like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers should wait until Memorial Day or beyond. These are usually bought as plants or germinated indoors, and transplanted in the garden. If you have not started your very hardy plants (or seeds) yet I would wait and plant them for a fall harvest especially “cole” crops like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kohlrabi. They do far better in cool weather. Just a quick note on the “hardiness” of plants….They fall into 4 categories or groups starting with most tolerance to cold to least…and they are

1.)Very Hardy- Broccoli,cabbage,and other cole crops.
2.)Hardy- Asparagus,turnips,and endive.
3.) Tender- Corn, green and wax beans, and peppers.
4.)Very Tender- Melons, Eggplant, Summer squash.

They should be planted at these intervals.

1.)Very Hardy- 4-6 weeks before last frost date.
2.)Hardy- 2-3 weeks before date of last frost.
3.)Tender- date of last frost (but be careful)
4.)Very Tender- 1-3 weeks after date of last frost.
I hope our “Time” in the Garden post has helped

If you are thinking about going “organic” with your vegetable garden this year, or even if your a seasoned veteran, we can help, by offering a very comprehensive guide to “organic” gardening and companion planting.
You can get it by clicking here or on a tomato on the picture below

And our link to the best USDA Hardiness Zone Map is here or at the bottom of this page!!

Happy Homesteading!!,,,Peace and Prosperity,,,,,

Rich @ NY Homesteader

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