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They Lost it All

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Hi Everyone,,
I went to Agway in Liberty on Friday to purchase some tomato rings and realized I can make my own for far less money, (and probably far less hassle as well).
I could not believe the amount of people there that had lost it all to the frost that hit on Tue, and Wed. I heard at least 5 conversations relating to someone losing either veggies or flowers or both. One fellow from Long Island said he spent 150.00 dollars on plants and he was a little disgusted that he had to spend another $150.00 replacing them.
I guess they were not following NY Homesteader. 😉
Just goes to show that you should not plant tender flowers or veggies before (traditional) memorial day in our area.
Some of the staff at the local garden centers were saying we will have another frost on June 7 because of the full moon, if you ask me that’s HOGWASH the moon really has no bearing on temperature and/or weather patterns if it is cloudy/rainy on June 7th chances are it will not frost. I follow the almanac to a degree, but it can vary widely.
Being a MODERN homesteader, I rely on my personal weather station, my computer and sometimes the weather channel for the weather. Also a big indicator is just watch mother nature, the clouds, also the birds and animals will tell you almost everything you need to know if you pay attention to them. New Pics are on their way!
Happy Homesteading Everyone !!
Peace and Prosperity and Memorial Day Remembrance

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