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How Much Incandescent Bulbs Really Cost

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This is an Article from Clean Technica

How Much Incandescent Bulbs Really Cost (via Clean Technica)

  With so much misinformation out there, consumers are not being given good information about lighting. There is especially poor reporting about the ongoing elimination of 100w, 75w, 60w, and 40w incandescent lamps from the national inventory. In fact, incandescent lighting is not being eliminated…

Check Out The Rest of “How Much Incandescent Bulbs Really Cost” →

Maybe We Are Not Getting A Warmer Climate

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Yeah fat chance of that. The world is without a doubt getting warmer. Many Climate Change / Global Warming opponents would disagree, but generally, things like glacial ice cores and tree ring data don’t lie.

I’m not here to debate if this is a natural change or man made. (that’s another post)

I am of the firm belief that Check Out The Rest of “Maybe We Are Not Getting A Warmer Climate” →

Martial Law - Are You Prepared ?

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Dear Friends,

I usually do not do posts like this, and like to stick to the positives, but it is important in today’s world.
We need to know how to protect our family, home, and food/water supplies.

What would you do if Martial Law was instated tomorrow?

No matter what your politics may be, we can all agree Check Out The Rest of “Martial Law – Are You Prepared ?” →

DRBC Due to Set Hydro-Fracking Regulations

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The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is about to issue a broad range of regulations related to how gas drilling using hydrofracking will be conducted in the Delaware River Basin. The Basin is a 13,539 square mile territory that stretches from New York’s Delaware County south to Delaware Bay and includes much of Sullivan County in New York State.

These regulations are being issued in spite of calls from federal officials, federal agencies and environmental groups that the Check Out The Rest of “DRBC Due to Set Hydro-Fracking Regulations” →


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NY Autumn Mountains

Autumn one of our favorite times of the year here on the homestead. For it signals change all around us. The crunchy, colored leaves, a slight morning snap in the air, birds, insects, and animals all getting ready for the inevitable transition that is coming. Dare I say Check Out The Rest of “Autumnation” →

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