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All right,,, got some more work done in the garden today, turned over the compost and added some already composted soil on top to give it some “starter”. Every time I turn over my compost pile I always add some already composted soil and some earth worms(they eat any organic materials, and then poop them out and I get some great worm castings mixed in)My onions and leaf spinach etc. should be showing through any time now (1 week to 10 days or so) I so love the idea of having fresh organic fruits and veggies this year. I am making mine and my family’s way to having FREEDOM from the produce aisle!! I am going to do some more work on it tomorrow and Friday. Also will have the kids help me this weekend (I figure since everyone is going to eat it,,everyone should help) this will give them the good foundation to be self sufficient for their future…..Don’t forget to get heirloom seeds so you can save and replant the seeds year after year!! Peace and Prosperity!!!! Rich

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