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Rainy Daze !!

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I guess this is a “good as it gets” rainy day to put up a post,,There has been so much rain this summer, many gardens are not doing well at all,, which is a shame, Lots of local flooding here has also wiped out a few. I am lucky that I have good drainage at my garden site so no heavy rot or mold and/or fungi have appeared in my garden as of yet.
I will be changing many things in my garden next year. Being this is my first year I am learning as I go,,plant size and some crowding of plants are a small issue this year and hopefully corrected next year.
My tomatos, cukes, and summer squash are coming along great,,corn, watermelon and peppers are OK, bush and pole beans are out of control !! beets, carrots, parsnips and collards also doing wonderful !!
I have, in the past 4 months or so, become totally addicted to gardening and homesteading in general, It is a simpler life, a confidence builder, (it is great to be able to say, “I grew this” or “I built that”) and, it is a whole lot of fun that the whole family can participate in.
If you haven’t already I urge you to become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Even the smallest things make a huge difference !!
Peace and Prosperity,,,,Rich

PS. I have my website up!! And we have a 2 kw solar system (about 300kwh per month) for sale with micro inverters, disconnects and pitched roof racking system. Click on the link for more details
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