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ISBU-Shipping Container Homes, Myths and Truths

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Construction ISBU2


The Popularity of ISBU Shipping Container Homes is Currently Soaring

Shipping container (ISBU) home construction has made incredible advances over the past few years. Today nearly everyone has seen a news segment about container home, or visited an internet site that featured a story or a few renderings of Check Out The Rest of “ISBU-Shipping Container Homes, Myths and Truths” →

How to Dry and Store Herbs

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How to Dry and Store Herbs

By Melissa K. Norris

This is a guest post from a friend and colleague Melissa K. Norris, we urge you to visit her website for more great articles and insight like this one.

Herbs are a great addition to any homestead and home garden. While many homesteaders focus on a large vegetable garden in their quest to being self-sufficiency, I find an herb garden is just as important.

Unlike vegetable gardens, you need very little space to start an herb garden. A windowsill, large pot, or between flowers are all excellent spots to tuck in an herb plant or two. Check Out The Rest of “How to Dry and Store Herbs” →

Forget Tar Sands: Canada’s Geothermal Resources More Than 1 Million Times Electricity Consumption.

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From our friends at Clean Technica (

Canada’s sitting on “massive” geothermal resources, according to news reports, more than 1 million times its current electricity consumption. “As few as 100 projects could Check Out The Rest of “Forget Tar Sands: Canada’s Geothermal Resources More Than 1 Million Times Electricity Consumption.” →

ISBU - Green Shipping Container Guest Room

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Clockwise from above: Glass walls help transform a shipping container into a guest room, while original markings proclaim its early life; durable and renewable bamboo covers the floor and walls; and polycarbonate sheets shade the porch, which is lit by lamps made from recycled tractor parts. | Photos by Chris Cooper

By Erika Heet

From the moment Stacey Hill started reading about the potential of shipping containers as housing a few years ago, she was hooked. Seeking extra room for her two young daughters to play in, as well as a separate space for guests visiting the San Antonio, Texas, artists’ community she calls home, Hill selected an electric blue “one-shipper,” a relatively pristine container that had made just one overseas shipment. Check Out The Rest of “ISBU – Green Shipping Container Guest Room” →

Recycled plastic proves effective in killing drug-resistant fungi

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Recycled plastic proves effective in killing drug-resistant fungi (via Green Building Elements)

New uses for recycled plastic — PET in this case — are beginning to emerge. See the following press announcement. Researchers at Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) and California’s IBM Research – Almaden (IBM)…

Check Out The Rest of “Recycled plastic proves effective in killing drug-resistant fungi” →

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