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An old homestead

Originally Published in April 2008

Hello all Homesteading Fans ,

My Name is Rich Gately and right off the top I would like to thank you for stopping by at Ny Homesteader. com

I am a 52 year old ceramic tile contractor by  trade, and gardener, and homesteader by choice.

I am ISPQ/IREC Certified in solar photovoltaic installation and design and have also taken a secondary course on commercial applications and ground solar arrays.

Being in the construction industry for 30+ years I also have extensive knowledge in drywall, plumbing, painting, electric, finish work, and framing. I love to tinker and build.

This site is for me to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors and make a record thereof. I’m sure this will be a many year work in progress and will do the best with the time allotted me to do so. I really don’t know where to start, I feel sort of like a pioneer. Here I am with this chunk of land and now I want to live off it. I really don’t have to do this. I could probably “afford” not to, and pay the high prices for produce and groceries at the super market, I could probably continue to pay my electric bill, even through expected increases in utility prices. I’m thinking this is far more than that.

First and foremost I believe that a simpler life of sustainability and self-sufficiency will go a long way to averting complete disaster should a national crisis or major depression become reality.  Also, by “homesteading” I can control what I’m eating and what I am feeding my family,  strictly organic gardening,  some chickens for laying, and for consumption, again organic and free ranging,  I may even get me a few pigs to put in the freezer in the fall.

I owe a little apology to all my “vegan” and vegetarian friends about the meat.  My family and I are meat eaters although I don’t agree with the way they raise animals commercially, or steroids and anti-biotics they fill our meat up with, that’s why I would prefer to raise my own. I do have a slight advantage because my Grandfather did have a mini-homestead here from 1962 to about 1997 so even though the garden and chicken coop are now gone, the spots are there.

My ultimate goal is to have Solar Photovoltaic, wind, and maybe small micro-hydro to offset my entire electrical consumption, solar thermal for my domestic hot water, all of my vegetables and meat be either raised right here or taken from the wild,,(like leeks, etc.) all my eggs right here!!
My starting point this spring will be to get the garden and order and make some plans and clean up for a chicken coop.(I’m going to do my best to post many photo’s of the progression)

So follow along if you like, nothing would make me happier. Hopefully some of the articles and tips will help you on your journey to self-sufficiency as well.

So, browse around and enjoy yourself, take a break and remember to sign up for our RSS Feed on any page.

Peace and Prosperity,
Rich Gately ~
NY Homesteader

3 comments to NY Homesteaders Starting Point

  • Thank you Rich!! This is great what you are achieving, doing for others, and I look forward to reading your inspirational bits! Spring Forward dear Friend!! <3

  • Rudy

    Hi Rich I would Love to see or if you know how to find more photos of Old cabins I love to draw them out

    Rudy Love the thought of wild yes we are all to confortable with our city dwelling homes

  • I just google “images of old cabins” simple as that !! Thanks Rudy !!

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