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Maybe We Are Not Getting A Warmer Climate

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Yeah fat chance of that. The world is without a doubt getting warmer. Many Climate Change / Global Warming opponents would disagree, but generally, things like glacial ice cores and tree ring data don’t lie.

I’m not here to debate if this is a natural change or man made. (that’s another post)

I am of the firm belief that the pollution we spew from all types of industry, certainly is not helping, but in the same way one good volcanic eruption can put 50 yrs worth of man made air pollution up in a day.

My real concern is how it affects me and the way I provide food and other necessary needs for my family.
Mainly the way it will affect my garden, the animals and my water supply(s).

With warmer weather comes a little less snow pack which will affect how the water is stored in the ground , as the snow melts generally it is a slow process and the ground gets saturated I don’t have to do much to keep my springs supplied. If we replace that snow with rain it tends to run off much quicker which means I have to get used to more rainwater collection (for greywater and irrigation).

Also with warmer weather the breeding season of plants and animals comes a bit earlier. I will have to get used to a little earlier planting schedule and also a little longer growing season. and how to plan my continual plantings.

Make no mistake our world is currently getting warmer. You will have to make subtle changes in your lifestyle or suffer some of the inevitable consequences.
I am not saying getting warmer is a completely bad thing , but just know if it is not a “natural” change ( man made) which I am reasonably sure it is (just my opinion) Major things can happen from just the smallest of changes.

To help you along with your gardening and food supply Here is a link to the NEW USDA Hardiness zone interactive map

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Peace and Prosperity to You
Rich @ NY Homesteader

4 comments to Maybe We Are Not Getting A Warmer Climate

  • I can only agree with what you are saying, the more evidence I read and see the clearer the picture is becoming.
    The real important question for me becomes, what fundamental changes will we be required to make in the near future in order to secure a future for our grandchildren, and do we have the mental tenacity to see beyond our world of continual consumption and greed?
    I hope so.

  • I understand Sean,, This is the entire reason I started a new lifestyle in my late 30’s early 40’s I personally want to be self sufficient as I possibly can be. If everyone could do their own electricity plus a few 100 Kw in rural and suburban properties we would have enough left over to power the cities. Of course this is just one aspect of it.
    I pray we do something before it’s too late. I believe if we take baby steps and increase renewables and slowly wean ourselves off fossil, it can be done ,, It seems that everyone thinks we have to build these HUGE commercial , utility grade wind farms and solar arrays so we can have it RIGHT NOW !! Always remember that SLOW AND STEADY wins the long distance race !!
    I could go on forever, but I’ll blog about this subject some more.
    Peace and Prosperity,
    Rich @ NY Homesteader


    Hi there. just found your website. Looking forward to learning more. We just moved to Ny and are slowly trying to become more self sufficient.

  • Thanks Sarah,, If you have any questions let me know I will do my best to help, Best of luck on your journey to self sufficiency!
    Rich @ NY Homesteader

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