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ISBU-Shipping Container Homes, Myths and Truths

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The Popularity of ISBU Shipping Container Homes is Currently Soaring

Shipping container (ISBU) home construction has made incredible advances over the past few years. Today nearly everyone has seen a news segment about container home, or visited an internet site that featured a story or a few renderings of futuristic container concepts.

With the way today’s economy is, when more and more people are serious about saving on construction costs, reducing maintenance, and keeping more equity in their pocket it’s not really surprising that there is so much interest in container home construction.
When you can build a sleek modern house with the classic looks of the case study homes of the mid 20th century for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, that gets peoples attention pretty quickly.
But even with all the interest it’s awfully hard to get concrete information on actually building a container home. And, sadly, you can’t just drive down and take a look at the container homes models at the local sub-division.

Download a complete, comprehensive instructional and design guide by Clicking Here

ISBU home in LA

Beautiful Practical ISBU Home in Los Angeles !!

These are some of the Myths:
They rust away, you can’t run water or electric in them easily, they are hot in summer and freezing in winter, they are not easily available.

And some Truths:
Keep in mind these are being built as a home not a storage shed for people. They are trimmed out and constructed on the inside (or outside) just like a conventional home. Doors, windows, plumbing, electric, insulation, drywall, and flooring are done without all the hassle of framing a structure first. They are readily available and for very cheap vs. conventional construction.

When you consider all the advantages of an ISBU home it makes good sense to explore the potential of an ISBU design.

Here are some more Truths:

They are easily transportable, fire proof, hurricane proof, extremely secure, fast construction, meet US building codes (check your local codes), easily customized, low maintenance, lower initial cost, increased equity, and termite proof.
Due to the ISBU’s modular design & ease of assembly, ISBU construction is often the most viable and cost effective approach for the owner/builder.
Shipping containers are strong, they exceed all US building codes for strength and safety.
Sadly, much of what you read about ISBU projects on the Internet is just the same simplistic info recycled over and over again. Not much help if you actually want to build an ISBU home.
All that has changed with this comprehensive e-book. Learn all you need to know about building and customizing your own ISBU home.
Just click on the picture below!!!

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Peace and Prosperity to You,
Rich @ NY Homesteader


Yes you can build your own container home !!

Yes you can build your own container home !!

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