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Home Energy Savings - 5 Tips To A Fast DIY Home Energy Audit

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Your Homes Energy Use

Conservation of energy is key to becoming more sustainable in your life. Here on the homestead we always start with ways to conserve energy first, the rest will come with time.

A simple home energy audit will pinpoint those areas and suggest the most effective
measures for cutting your energy costs. You can conduct an easy
home energy audit yourself, you can contact your local utility, or
you can call an independent energy auditor for a more comprehensive examination.

For more information about home energy audits,
including free tools and calculators, visit

Energy Auditing Tips

1. Check the insulation levels in your attic, exterior and basement walls,
ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces. Visit for instructions on checking your insulation levels.

2. Check for holes or cracks around your walls, ceilings, windows,
doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches, and electrical outlets that
can leak air into or out of your home.

3. Check for open fireplace dampers, dryer vents, or air intake devices.

4. Make sure your appliances and heating and cooling systems are
properly maintained. Check your owner’s manuals for the
recommended maintenance.

5. Study your family’s lighting needs and use patterns, paying special
attention to high-use areas such as the living room, kitchen, and
outside lighting. Look for ways to use lighting controls —like occupancy
sensors, dimmers, or timers—to reduce lighting energy use, and
replace standard (also called incandescent) light bulbs and fixtures
with energy efficient models.

Formulating Your Plan

After you have identified where your home is losing energy, assign
priorities by asking yourself a few important questions:
• How much money do you spend on energy?
• Where are your greatest energy losses?

So here are some of the best tips we can give on a fast Home Energy Audit to start out with. Remember to always conserve energy.

The rest of Formulating Your Plan and home heating will be continued.

We will be publishing 7 parts to this blog.
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Peace and prosperity,
Rich @ NY Homesteader

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