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Herbs in the Garden ? - Essential For A Working Homestead

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Garden Herbs

Until recently I never really paid attention to herbs as a regular part of the produce picture of my gardens, Sure, I had a few that I thought would be interesting to grow and cause they make nice flowers. Then I began to cook, Now this changes the whole scope of things.

I was kind of tired of buying dried herbs in the bottle, so now I am incorporating more herbs in the beds and less in the bottle. Having fresh and dried herbs that we grew right here, and a simple reach in the cabinet away is indispensable.

Most herbs are very easy to grow and some can even get out of hand without regular maintenance, but worth every bit of space and time. Not only do they draw in many beneficial insects to the gardens while they are growing. They provide wonderful visual and olfactory properties to your gardens as well.

The picture above is some of the newer culinary herbs, thyme, sage, marjoram, and parsley, and a few others we are going to be starting this year.
We still have another shipment from Generic Seeds coming in in a few days that consists of some veggie seeds , but also rosemary, feverfew, chamomile, and several others for more medicinal purposes. I am lucky to be associated with so many great friends that have convinced me that having herbs in your garden is an important aspect of having a balanced, and more self reliant homestead.
So we urge you to start your own herb garden on your homestead ,, even if it’s just the kitchen window !!

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Peace and Prosperity,
Rich @ NY Homesteader

P.S. Not only do we promote Generic seeds dot com but we use them ourselves. Check them out click the picture below.

Generic Seeds- Garden Seeds Starting at $1.39

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