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Fall and Winter Gardening : Get the Most From Your Vegetable Garden

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Using your garden space for most of the year is something many gardeners miss out on. Not sure why, but  many plants thrive in the cool weather and less sun of the fall and even winter (in southern zones).

Usually I plant cool weather cole crops like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kohlrabi early in the spring. Peas, spinach, lettuce and a host of others also do great in the cool weather as well, but when the hot days of July and August hit , most of these have produced well and start to bolt.  (start producing seeds)

This is the time when I use that space for a fall/winter crop of more of the same type of vegetables (rotated ) or some new crops like winter squash etc.  I always replenish the soil by mixing some compost in and let the area “rest” for a week or so. Then new seeds go in, and we have a new crop of these wonderful organic veggies in late September and October.

You may have to cover them in the event of frost, then they can easily be uncovered during the warming of the day.

So use your garden to it’s full potential and start a fall and winter crop now. It is worth the effort.

To start you off on the right track you can get a great beginners guide to organic gardening by clicking on the picture below.

Peace and Prosperity

Rich @ NY Homesteader


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