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Earth Month Wishes

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Hello all, Here is an early garden pic,,I like to use the manual power to turn my garden the rototiller is nice but, why waste the fuel and contribute to our climate problems.
I hope you all had a great Earth Day yesterday, and I hope everyone participated in some fashion to protect our Earth. Also I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow (Fri. April 24th) is Arbor Day. It’s a day to plant a CO2 scrubber in your community!! Also as far as an update on the homestead, I planted some more onion sets yesterday. You should always plant in 2 or 3 week increments of the veggies you use the most,in order to insure maturity throughout the season. Also got some Iceburg lettuce seed in the ground as well.
If you would like to get involved with planting a tree(s) for Arbor DayClick Here If the link does not work…copy and paste in to your address bar.
It’s hard work but, I am hoping your homestead is progressing nicely!,,,Peace and Prosperity,,,Rich

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