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Early Garden Prep is Essential for Success

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With all the hassles and stress that the holidays can bring (if you let it), It’s not a bad idea to do a little spring garden preparation at this time of year as well. (gardening is always relaxing ) Your probably saying, ” Have you lost your mind it’s 10 degrees outside , How can I do any garden prep now”?

Well… If you live in warmer climates you may even be able to do winter gardening, but this pertains to every gardener because there are always spring crops as well. Here are some things you can do now to make sure of a successful garden this spring and summer.

  1. Make a sketch of your planting area, and what plants you are going to place where. Remember to rotate your crops from last years positions. Try your best to locate taller farther from the sun and shorter ones closer to the sun. This can be very tricky depending on space and configuration.
  2. Get a seed list together, seed companies are gearing up now for January orders and should be done as early as possible to insure delivery in time for planting.
  3. Do a short list of items in and around the garden that are due for maintenance. Tools, fencing, raised beds, etc. This list is sure to increase as planting time approaches.
  4. Renew and continue your gardening education. Even the seasoned vet’s can learn something new on the subject. Try that new method that you heard or read about.
  5. Keep it Green and Organic !

So when the weather outside is frightful ,, and all you see is snow, ice, and cold temps, keep the future in mind and the renewal that comes with it. Take 5 or 10 minutes every once in a while from now until planting season to implement these quick tips and your gardening experience will be much more enjoyable this summer.

If your thinking of going organic this year for the first time or want to improve your current organic garden. Then this book is one you should absolutely add to your gardening library. We used this and took it directly to the garden with us when we first started out. Get yours by Clicking Here! or click on the picture below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Rich @NY Homesteader

Learn to grow your own organic food !!

Learn to grow your own organic food !!

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