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Drill Baby, Drill ????

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If we drill they will come !

We were hoping that “Drill Baby, Drill” was gone for good,  apparently we were mistaken.

OK !,  so our President is now considering drilling for oil off our coasts. I guess hypocracy knows no bounds. I distinctly remember, going through this crazy notion recently with our last Commander in Chief and throughout the entire presidential campaign.

I wish we did not have to rely on other peoples oil to keep this country running, but we have none. Keep in mind that the United States only has 3% of the worlds known oil reserves. (that is a very conservative estimate), So if we sucked every drop we have out of the ground today it would all be gone in about 10 years. Drilling off our coasts will not make the price of gasoline go down at all, at least not for quite some time and even then it will be mere pennies!

In case you have missed it there is now a Chinese freighter stuck on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia leaking oil,  do we really want the potential for that to happen here? Do we want our beaches to look like this?OOOOH ! The Outer Banks are so pretty this time of year !! Personally, I am hoping that the majority of the American populous feel the same way. Admittedly spills and/or accidents are rare, but just one is absolutely devastating to the environment and economy. By all means feel free to contact your Senators and Representatives in Congress and tell them how you feel.

We are big advocates for the use of renewable energy sources although generating your own electricity will do little for our oil consumption, being that oil is a transportation fuel (about 80% of the oil we consume is for transportation) maybe that what we need to do is concentrate on reducing our dependence on foreign oil by making EV’s (electric vehicles) and Hybrid transportation more affordable and more green to manufacture (right now electric vehicles and hybrids create more greenhouse gasses to manufacture than they save throughout their lifetime.), Also, ride a bike, walk, take public transportation (if you can), and carpool as much as possible.

Let’s put our taxpayer dollars into finding a cure instead of treating the symptoms.

You can also learn how to convert a car to electric by Clicking Here

Peace and Prosperity,
Happy Homesteading,
Rich @ NY Homesteader

3 comments to Drill Baby, Drill ????

  • Excellent article, I’m an avid reader of this blog, keep on writing these great posts, and I’ll be a regular visitor for a long time.

  • Rich

    Thanks Andrew,
    We will do our best to post about things that we think are important to our readers.
    Again thanks for the visit !!
    Rich @ NY Homesteader

  • As you all know (unless your under a rock somewhere) the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill is now under way. It is a very unfortunate accident and is going to affect the environment of the gulf coast of the United States for many years to come. This is exactly the reason why we do not want anyone drilling off the coasts of America (or anywhere for that matter). We urge you to contact your representatives in congress to stop drilling off our coasts, or this could happen anywhere from Maine to Washington. Contact them now !!

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