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Cool Info on Magnetic Generators

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The advances in magnetic energy generators lately is very cool. Can you imagine generating electricity for free with no outside sources? The strength of neodymium magnets these days is absolutely incredible, very small, yet very strong.
For many years Mag-Lev Trains have been in existence, granted they do use electric pulses to generate the
magnetic field, but it is also a 80 ton train they are levitating and not a small flywheel mechanism turning a generator. This technology does work and it is extremely quiet, it runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and is not affected by atmospheric conditions or weather like wind turbines or solar panels are. The only real downside is, it has moving parts, so there is a certain degree of maintenance.  As a side note, I am quite sure that major utility companies are not anxious for the general public to be implementing this technology as it will take money from their coffers.

If you do decide to build one, start with a detailed set of plans, also make sure everything is balanced up on the flywheel mechanism, and do some engineering calculations and make sure that what your building can turn the load you have planned for it. I would recommend gearing if at all possible, although pulley systems will work.

Essentially what you will have is a small generator being turned by your magnetic flywheel mechanism, this in turn goes to a charge controller that is keeping constant charge on a battery bank, the batteries then go to an inverter that changes it to “house current” and there you have it!! Free Power!!

Make no mistake folks,, the battery bank, and inverter are going to cost some money, the balance of system parts (wire, conduit, disconnects, etc.) is relatively cheap. Your ROI (return on investment) is really quite fast compared to say wind, or solar panels,  As the technology improves I suspect this will change soon too. For even more information on this exciting form of energy generation, just click on the picture below.

Peace and Prosperity to You,,
Happy Homesteading,
Rich @ NY Homesteader

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