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4 Leafy Greens You Can Plant In Your Garden Now !!

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lettuce 002

With the cooler weather and Autumn approaching fast , now is the time for a fall crop of leafy greens , that most folks attribute to early spring.

Some of the best for cool weather Check Out The Rest of “4 Leafy Greens You Can Plant In Your Garden Now !!” →

Spinach-Maybe Popeye Is Smarter Than We Thought

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Savoy Leaf variety

Popeye used his spinach to make him strong, just like we tell our kids, but maybe Popeye was getting much more for his efforts.

Here is a quick run down on Spinach;

Spinacia oleracea
Spinach is a very hardy annual with a rosette of dark green leaves. Sometimes the leaves can be crinkled, which is called a Savoy Leaf variety, or flat. Spinach is related to beets and chard.

Growing Info.
Growing Spinach: Being a very hardy plant spinach can tolerate the cold; in fact, it does extremely well in cool weather. Heat and long days will make Check Out The Rest of “Spinach-Maybe Popeye Is Smarter Than We Thought” →

A Nod To Nasturtium

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Nearly everyone that has spent anytime in a garden has grown a Nasturtium. And today’s foodies, salad lovers, and veg eaters know the tangy, peppery taste of the seeds, leaves and flowers are one of the best in the edibles category, likewise most gardeners know they are one of the best pest repellent varieties to be had.

A native of Mexico they are Check Out The Rest of “A Nod To Nasturtium” →

The Magic Of Marigolds

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The Magic of Marigolds

Most folks know of the Marigold, many look at it as a filler for their flower garden, doesn’t smell very good, if at all, but it is colorful so I’ll use it here or there to fill in the gaps. They are a mainstay of gardeners everywhere.

Well I’m here to tell you that little flower has more uses than you may know.
Marigolds are super easy to grow,  have a long growing season, brings beneficial insects to your gardens in droves,  and most of all Check Out The Rest of “The Magic Of Marigolds” →

Autumn Already ?

Hi Everyone,,well autumn is approaching fast and you know what season comes next,and its time to start thinking about ammendments to your garden soil (fertilizers, calcium, lime ,etc.), I would recommend ….  getting a soil Ph test kit from your local garden supplier and checking your soils Ph. If your not sure of your […]

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