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Been a While

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Hey Everyone,
It sure has been a long time since I actually posted anything other than links. Anyway been busy around here getting firewood for winter and all the other stuff that has to be done, like mowing the lawn ,etc,etc,etc,.
The garden is doing as well as it can , considering the lousy weather we have been having since May.
Been very cold and rainy here in the Catskills all summer (so far) hopefully that will change and all my plants will mature and give nice veggies and fruit.
My leaf lettuce has been great and delivered me plenty of awesome salad.
A friend gave me an idea the other day and I will implement it next year,,,,plant your potatoes about 2 – 2 1/2 ft apart and let them get going at about 12 inches or so “ring” it with a tire and continue to cover your new potatoes as they form and add tires as you need to. When its harvest time just dismantle the tire “rings” and pick up the potatoes. This is a simple way to avoid digging your potatoes, it keeps them contained, and it is a great way to keep just a few more tires out of the landfill, cause you can use them year after year. Good Idea huh? My thanks to Mike Fritz for this idea.
I hope to add more post’s soon !!! ,,,, Thanks to everyone and Peace and Prosperity !!!


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