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Bee-ing A New Beekeeper

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So here on the homestead we have gone headlong into rearing our first hive of honey bees, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome so far.

Being a complete amateur at this, we shall see if we get any honey this year, and if we can make it so they make it through the upcoming winter.

Basically we are doing this to gather enough honey for ourselves, and family and a few select friends.
We also understand the importance of the honeybee (and other pollinators) are to our very existence. Without them we would be in major trouble as a species on this planet. Nearly 75% of the food we eat needs pollination and these gals are a major part of that process.

We have a video of me installing the first package of bees, the sound is really bad and we do apologize for that. but you will get the idea when you see the video. There are many videos on You Tube and other sites so we did have to wade through hours of video just to get some education prior to getting our bees and all the equipment and tools needed to get started. We would recommend a good e-course so you don’t have to do the same. (like the one listed below )

So we are taking another step towards sustainability here by trying to raise our own natural sweetener and having lots of pollinators for all of our gardens.

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You can do this too, regardless of where you live, there are many many suburban and urban hives around the world. If you want more info on keeping bees you can by Clicking Here! or just click on the image below. This is one of the better e-courses available on Beginner Beekeeping worth every penny.

Peace and Prosperity,
Rich @ NY Homesteader


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