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NY Autumn Mountains

Autumn one of our favorite times of the year here on the homestead. For it signals change all around us. The crunchy, colored leaves, a slight morning snap in the air, birds, insects, and animals all getting ready for the inevitable transition that is coming. Dare I say the “W” word… yes winter.

There are many chores to do here to get ready for the coming season. Cut, split and stack firewood, get the garden ready, by pulling all the weeds adding leaf mulch and lime, make sure the hen house is ready and properly protected from the cold and wind. Then there is the stuff everyone in a snowy climate must do. Like put the summer table, chairs, bar-b-ques, coolers, and garden tools away, and make the snow shovels, salt and sand, and sleds readily available for that first good snowstorm. Not to mention all the clothing changes, tank tops and swimsuits away, long johns and parka’s out!

I have included a few pictures of our area here in New York State of the changes taking place now. I had to throw one in of the eqinox full  moon (of which the picture really does not do it the justice it deserves).

Many people view this time of the year as beautiful, but also as the last blast of summer and warmer weather. If you tend to do that, we would like you to take a hike in the woods or meadows and look around at the changes taking place all around you.

There is new life just a few months (sometimes less) in the future. A new fawn laying in the spring grasses, or maybe a new plant you notice that has never been there before, a seed brought by a bird or other animal to your special spot ready to bloom into a beautiful flower.

Just a reminder to count your blessings, be thankful for what you have, and realize that AUTUMN is just earth’s preparation for the next growing season and learn to prepare and grow with it ! You will be a better person for it !

Peace and Prosperity to all,,,

Rich @ NY Homesteader

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